A canoe expedition with view

A canoe expedition with view35 km

Canoe expedition down the Gauja River. A wonderful experience for everyone combined with the beautiful views of the Gauja National Park.
A historical nature trail

A historical nature trail20 km

Located on the border with town Cēsis and just next to the ski-resort “Žagarkalns”, this nature trails reveals the history and evolution of the Gauja valley and river itself. Just be observant. And it’s free of charge!
A unique nature trail

A unique nature trail 30 km

These well-established trails in natural forest of Gauja National Park gives the possibility to everyone observe and get to know wild animals of Latvia in conditions almost identical to their natural habitat. Also for kids. Foresee 2 - 3 hours.
Gauja National Park

Gauja National Park15 km

Meet the wildlife of the Gauja National Park, enjoy the gorgeous landscape and become one with nature.
Gutman´s cave

Gutman´s cave35 km

Gutman's Cave is the widest and highest cave in the Baltics, and also the oldest tourist attraction in Latvia.
The wildlife of the Baltics

The wildlife of the Baltics 45 km

Glance into the world of wildlife and find out what kind of animals hide in this mysterious silence!