"Zilver" House Winery

"Zilver" House Winery38 km

Zilver House wines have been made after old recipes from berries and fruits grown and harvested on the spot. Group tastings only by reservation.Visit website
Annas Design Hotel Restaurant ‘Kannas’

Annas Design Hotel Restaurant ‘Kannas’

Kannas is a beautiful restaurant, which is part of the Annas Design Hotel and located in Amatas Novads. So, not far from Amatciems! The restaurant offers you fresh and natural products, all grown in the local farms. Visit website

BEKKO10 km

The owner and chef of the restaurant is Italian. There are not only real Italian food and wine to taste, but also Italian hearty atmosphere and delicatessen, produced in Italy, to buy for take-away.Visit website
Black Swan

Black Swan10 km

A tiny place but so full of sensations. Large choice of different coffee marks – everybody can find something for his / her taste. Owner, who is also barista, shares with pleasure the story to to each coffee type.Visit website
Dikļu manor restaurant

Dikļu manor restaurant

Further away from Valmiera, there’s a neo-baroque architectural wonder called the Dikļu Palace. The chef of this 4-star restaurant has been recognized as truly exceptional. It’s a true adventure for the ‘true’ Gourmands. Visit website
Dining place with character

Dining place with character 10 km

Five-star flavor in unexpected place. Excellent, rich meals, creative solutions, beautiful food presentations and unexpected mode of food serving. Everyone will feel welcomed and always be well satiated. Visit website
H.E. Vanadziņš

H.E. Vanadziņš11 km

Modest, yet warm and cozy interior, delicious food, charming courtyard. A meal inspired by North. One of the most surprising places to visit in Cēsis
Visit website
Jonathan Spa Estate Restaurant

Jonathan Spa Estate Restaurant0,3 km

European cuisine, using local farmers' products from a natural, ecologically clean environment,
only a few steps away from "Tubisi".Visit website
Rātes vārti

Rātes vārti

As they call themselves: Gourmet favourite place in the very heart of Valmiera. The restaurant specializes in Italian wines and caters for every taste in a warm, cozy, green-feeling interior. Visit website
Sushi-Night Masterclass at the villa

Sushi-Night Masterclass at the villa0 km

Learn how to make your own sushi with guidance from Korean Chef Tianri and his assistant. You will get information about the products used and why specifically those products. Perfect for you and your friends or family!
Ungurmuiža Manor Restaurant

Ungurmuiža Manor Restaurant

This ancient restaurant is perfect for the lovers of delicious meals from seasonal products and centuries old recipes. The ideal harmonisation between food, art and nature! Visit website

Valmiermuiža48 km

The famous brewery offers beer tastings, as well as beer foods.Visit website


A meeting place for locals and visitors to Valmiera. Vecpuisis, translated as Bachelor, offers a range of vivid meals that appease the appetite and gives plenty of joy for the eyes. Visit website
Villa Santa Restaurant

Villa Santa Restaurant

Not far from Amatciems, on a beautiful place with nothing but a sound of crickets on the background, houses the Villa Santa Hotel Restaurant. Here you can enjoy the modern Mediterranean cuisine with a riff of Latvian traditional food. Visit website
Wine Bar with a view

Wine Bar with a view10 km

On top of the modern Cesis concert hall, you can taste local wines, enjoying the panoramic view over the city.