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Discover Latvia’s beautiful forests and learn about Latvia’s ancient habits, collecting mushrooms, healing plants and berries. A perfect activity for you and your family or friends! And for the early birds …

Explore the forests and meadows surrounding Amatciems while collecting different kinds of mushrooms, healing plants and berries. Reveal your inner adventurer and discover Latvian's rituals guided by Zane. You will learn how to distinguish these organic ingredients and their qualities. Thereafter, a Latvian meal will be prepared with your gathering and fresh vegetables from Zane's garden. 

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This activity is available from June until October (preferably in the morning) and is located nearby Amatciems. The price is 100 EUR/group of 1 - 4 persons and 20 EUR/person from 4 persons. The activity has a duration of approximately 3 - 5 hours. If you would like to continue the activity without guidance, please, discuss with Zane beforehand. We recommend to dress comfortable and warm, bring a rain jacket and put on a mosquito and bug repellent. 


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