The best sushi delivered fresh to your doorstep


We are giving your hunger a new option. Taste Tayo Susi's delicious sushi, one of the best sushi restaurants of Latvia. Just sit back, relax and get it delivered to the villa you are staying at.

Tayo Susi is a sushi takeaway place that offers sushi authentically made by its Korean chef’s recipe. They provide you with the richest flavours of fresh sushi.

For those who are already familiar with Japanese’s specialties: be amazed by their selection of great tastes! For those who haven’t tried it: well, you don’t know what you’re missing. Tayo Susi’s wide assortment will give you the opportunity to try out basic flavours, and maybe some more daring ones. Just try it. There is a first for everything!

We really recommend their Holiday Offer (see below), especially composed for our guests. Perfect for 4 to 6 persons, 68 pcs for 45 euro. That’s not all, it even comes with some delicious snacks. If you would like to order a more customized selection, don't worry. They've got you covered as well! 

The best sushi delivered fresh to your doorstep


Order your favourite selection.

Tayo Susi
+371 24 118 440. 
Plavas street 5, Cesis,  LV-4101
Mon-Sat:  11.00 h – 19.00 h
(public holidays might affect working hours)

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