Koka Maja

Enjoy Latvia slowly

Magnificent, secluded villa's

Far away from the crowded cities, yet undiscovered places offer you the peace and serenity of the country.

"Koka Maja" means my very own log house.

Offering exceptionally charming holiday rentals in unique settings, surrounded by the Gauja National Park, Koka Maja can be enjoyed by discerning individuals, couples, families and friends looking forward to explore new destinations in comfort and privacy.

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Make it a memorable stay

At Koka Maja, we devote ourselves in creating an experience for our guests that speaks to all of their senses. Offering you a wide range of exquisite services, from private wellness treatments to private dinning, you truly get balanced.

We want to give you the luxury of saving time and enjoying the presence of each other, because it is often so precious. Almost all services are hosted at the villa you are staying at.

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